Colonna Spanish Paprika, 16 oz

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This Spanish Paprika has a sweet flavor and mild spice

This type of paprika is ideal for seasoning Spanish cuisine.

Use this sweet paprika to flavor deviled eggs, grilled meats, rice dishes, and much more.

Paprika is the ground bright red powder from sweet and hot dried peppers. This red powder brings not just heat, but also a distinct flavor profile to your favorite dishes. Use Colonna Spanish Paprika to season eggs, rice, soup, meat, and more. Its versatility makes paprika a great pantry staple.

Enjoy this sweet Spanish paprika with roasted potatoes for a delicious side dish. Use this red pepper powder to give chicken thighs and pork chops a vibrant appearance and rich aroma. Or use a dash of paprika to give creamy white sauces and stews a bit of color. This paprika can also be used to prepare chicken paprikash, a traditional Hungarian dish that uses a generous amount of the sweet pepper powder in its sauce.


16 oz


Product of USA


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