Contorno Tomato Paste, 7 oz

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This Italian tomato paste has a concentrated flavor

Tomato paste is a Mediterranean pantry staple.

Try a small amount of this paste in pasta sauces, stew recipes, ground meat dishes, and more.

Do you want a tomato paste that is rich, delicious, and flavorful? This Contorno tomato paste could be the paste that you have been looking for. This essential Mediterranean ingredient has an intense taste that gives your recipes a burst of savory flavor. Stock up on high-quality tomato flavor with this 7-oz jar.

This concentrated tomato paste is the perfect addition to spaghetti, rice, or a homemade beef stew. You'll be ready for a second serving with just a dollop and your favorite family seasonings. You can also use this paste in tomato sauce and tomato soup recipes. Try it in recipes for homemade pizza. Add it to a big pot of chili with ground beef, sliced onions, and beans. Or even use it as the foundation for an Indian-style curry sauce.


Tomatoes, salt


7 oz


Product of Italy

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