Scyavuru Sweet Little Strawberry Jam, 8.8 oz

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This Italian Strawberry Jam tastes sweet and fresh

Enjoy this jam on a cheese platter with fresh herbs and artisan crackers.

Add a spoonful of this jam to ice cream, cheesecake, and other dessert dishes.

Scyavuru Sweet Little Strawberry Jam is made with strawberries from Sicily as well as sugar and lemon juice. This jam tastes wonderful when spread on toast or biscuits.

Use this strawberry jam to add a layer of tart sweetness to Belgian waffles and French toast. Pair it with salted pretzels and dark chocolate for a sweet snack. Or enjoy it on a cheese board with creamy brie or mozzarella. You can even try this Italian jam in a bowl of vanilla ice cream for an indulgent dessert dish.


Strawberry from Sciacca and Ribera, sugar, carob seed flour, lemon juice


8.8 oz (250g)


Product of Italy

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