Crodino Analcolico, 100 ml (4-Pack)

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Crodino Analcolico is a delicious Italian aperitif

This soft drink contains a blend of citrus fruit and herbal flavorings.

Enjoy this aperitif as a pre-dinner beverage or a non-alcoholic option at happy hour.

Crodino Analcolico is Italy's best non-alcoholic aperitif drink. First produced in Crodo, Piedmont, Italy in 1964, Crodino Analcolico has been a favorite drink of many Europeans ever since.

This non-alcoholic drink is a sparkling blend of citrus and herb flavors. Enjoy over ice and garnish with an orange slice. Or use it in a cocktail recipe with red wine. It pairs well with any savory recipe, from burgers to pasta to seafood.


water, sugar, flavorings, anhydride, carbonic acid, citric acid acid, sodium chloride, dyes E150b, E110 (can adversely affect children's activity and attention)


4 Bottles (100ml each)


Product of Italy

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