Crodino and Sanbitter Non-Alcoholic Aperitif Variety Pack, 10 x 100mL Each

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This Aperitif Pack includes Crodino Analcolico and Sanbitter

Crodino Analcolico is a sparkling beverage flavored with a mix of citrus and herbal ingredients.

San Pellegrino Sanbitter has a bittersweet taste from oranges and grapefruit.

The pre-dinner cocktail hour known as aperitivo is a time-honored tradition in Italy. The non-alcoholic mixers of Crodino Analcolico and San Pellegrino Sanbitter are synonymous with aperitivo, and now you can purchase them both in one convenient package. First produced in 1964, Crodino Analcolico is a sparkling blend of citrus and herb flavors. Sanbitter is the other classic favorite. It has an intensely bitter flavor from orange and grapefruit. Mix these non-alcoholic beverages with your favorite spirits, or enjoy them as they are over ice.

water, sugar, flavorings, anhydride, carbonic acid, citric acid acid, sodium chloride, dyes E150b, E110

10 Crodino bottles (100ml each)
10 Sanbitter bottles (100ml each)

Product of Italy

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