Dalmatia Organic Super Blueberry Spread, 8.5 oz

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This Dalmatia Berry Spread is made with three berries

Blueberries, purple aronia berries, and goji berries are blended to create this deep purple jam.

Enjoy this natural antioxidant superfruit spread on toast, crepes, and more.

Dalmatia Organic Super Blueberry Spread is a high quality fruit jam imported from Croatia. It is so delicious that it was given the 2020 Superior Taste Award by the International Taste Institute! Made from only the best Mediterranean fruit, this triple berry spread is perfect for toast, muffins, scones, fruit tarts, cheese boards, and more.

Organic fruits (blueberries, aronia, goji) organic cane sugar, water, fruit pectin, citric acid, lactic acid, ascorbic acid.

8.5 oz

Product of Croatia

Refrigerate after opening

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