Delicias Caperberries, 8.5 oz

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Spanish Caperberries add zest to Mediterranean dishes

Use in seafood and poultry recipes from Spain, Italy, and Greece.

Try as a bright garnish in Bloody Marys and other mixed drinks.

Caperberries are the fruit that comes from each flower bud of the caper bush (capparis spinosa). The berry grows from the caper plant as its flowers start to bloom. It is on a long stem. These berries are used in a wide range of recipes, including seafood and poultry dishes. Try them with smoked salmon or as part of a chicken piccata with garlic, lemon, and white wine. Or enjoy them on a charcuterie board with cured meats and Spanish cheeses such as fresh manchego. They're a great way to decorate a martini, too!

Capers, Water, Wine Vinegar (12%) and Salt.

8.5 oz

Product of Spain

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