Delicias Green Peppercorns in Brine, 3.5 oz

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These Green Peppercorns are pickled in brine

These brined peppercorns add a fresh flavor to salad dressings, pasta recipes, and more.

Try these Spanish peppercorns in Mediterranean and Thai cuisine.

Delicias' Green Peppercorns in Brine are spicy peppercorns from Spain that have been pickled in brine, which gives them a salty taste. These peppercorns have a strong, peppery flavor and a fresh smell.

Sauces and soups can be made with fresh green peppercorns in brine. They go well with salmon, pork, and other meat dishes as well.


Green peppercorns, water, salt, acidifier: acetic acid.


3.5 oz


Product of Spain

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