Devocion Fresh Wild Forest Whole Bean Coffee, 12 oz (Roasted to Order)

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Product Description:
Devocion Fresh Wild Forest Whole Bean Coffee is as uplifting in its origins as it is in its flavor. In the Colombian region of Tolima, in a place called Canon de las Hermosas, Devoción coffee is farmed by a community of ex-guerrilla soldiers who have turned in their weapons for a life of coffee cultivation. This one-of-a-kind relationship, fostered with the help of the office of the Colombian president, provides these farmers with a second chance, and provides you with an excellent cup of coffee! Their dedicated, hand-selected growing and harvesting of these coffee beans creates a cup of Colombian coffee that possesses notes of wild Berries, cherry, Agraz (Andean Blueberry), cocoa butter, and Caramel. Devocion harvests their coffee and ships it to a roaster in the United States so each bag can be made fresh and roasted to order. Learn more about their incredible story by watching the video below.

12 ounces


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