Di Martino Barbie Orzo I.G.P Pasta, 17.6 oz

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Enjoy this Orzo Pasta with any sauce or soup

Di Martino has been producing artisan Italian pasta for over 100 years.

Kids love this whimsical Barbie pasta.

Since 1912, Di Martino has made high-quality artisan pasta. With a wide variety of pasta shapes, including tube pasta, small pasta, and long pasta noodles, Di Martino has something for everyone. All of their Italian pasta noodles are made with pure local spring water and the best 100% Italian durum wheat.

Di Martino Barbie Orzo is a small, rice-like pasta made in Gragnano, Italy. Orzo pasta is excellent with broth-based sauces and soups. It is also perfect for pairing with creamy sauces for a pasta dish similar to risotto.

Explore pasta-making fun with this Barbie pasta. This Italian pasta is the perfect way to introduce children to the world of cooking in a fun way.

Add these classic Italian pasta noodles to a cup of chicken soup for the ultimate comfort food or side dish. Treat it as a pilaf and pair it with fresh sautéed veggies. Or serve this pasta with a rich tomato sauce and grated parmesan cheese for a more substantial Italian pasta dish. You can even use al dente pasta in a zesty orzo pasta salad with red onions, extra virgin olive oil, and vinegar.


Durum wheat semolina


17.6 oz (500g)


Product of Italy

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