Di Martino Dolce & Gabbana "Picnic" Edition, Pasta and Sauce Gift Box

Sale price$159.99


Another incredible limited edition Di Martino Pasta and Dolce & Gabana collaboration has arrived at Supermarket Italy! This specially designed gift tin holds 5 types of authentic Italian pasta, 2 cans of Corbarino tomatoes, and 2 festive placemats. This "picnic" box is ideal for a romantic, at-home date night. It also makes a wonderful, unique gift for the foodie in your life! Experience some real Italian flair as you share a lovely meal.

1 x DG Spaghetti (17.6 oz)
1x  DG Mezzi Rigatoni (17.6 oz)
1x DG Tortiglioni (17.6 oz)
1x DG Linguine (17.6 oz )
1x DG Conchiglioni Rigate (17.6 oz)
2x Corbarino Tomato from Monti Lattari (400g)
2x Limited edition DG placemats

Product of Italy

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