DOK Dall'ava San Daniele Prosciutto, Aged 24-Month, 15 lb.

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DOK Dall'ava San Daniele Prosciutto Aged 24-Months is among the Dall’Ava Family's finest DOP hams. DOP means Protected Designation of Origin, a title which is only given to products that depend solely on the area in which the meat is produced (in this case, the Po Valley). No outside sources or materials were used during any point of the production process. DOK Dall’Ava chooses the best legs from Italian certified pigs which are fed the best milk in the country, resulting in a creamier, tastier meat. DOK Dall'ava San Daniele Prosciutto Aged 24-Months is covered only with Sea Salt from the natural park of Santa Margherita in Puglia.

15 lb.


About DOK Dall'ava:
DOK Dall'ava does all that it can to live up to their motto: "The best techniques at the service of tradition." They use only the best techniques to recreate the same climate found in San Daniele in 1960, when the business first began and when prosciutto was cured exclusively in the conditions of that location's seasonal air. Today, DOK Dall'Ava produces about 30,000 San Daniele DOP hams per year.

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