Don Gastronom Stuffed Squid in Ink Sauce, 3.8 oz

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Don Gastronom Squid is stuffed and stored in Ink Sauce

Try this Spanish squid on its own, or in a fresh salad.

Ink sauce gives this seafood a primarily salty flavor with deeply savory notes.

Don Gastronom, which was founded in 1966, specializes in gourmet tinned fish and shellfish from the Galician coast. During this period, the company has embraced modern food industry innovations while still maintaining their familiar and traditional know-how, which is the company's essence. Don Gastronom's products are from Galicia, a region known for having some of the best fish and seafood in the world. Try these small chipiron squids stuffed with their own tentacles, onions, and tomato in ink sauce.

A tender delicacy ready to eat, these stuffed squid can be enjoyed in salads or pasta. Try them with mixed greens, red onions, extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar, and a lemon wedge. Or taste Spain by the fork-full when you enjoy them in a piquant pasta dish with red pepper flakes and ground black pepper. For a lightly fried calamari, toss in a frying pan with a neutral oil, heat, and add sea salt and lemon juice.

Squids, sunflower oil, tomato, ink, onion, spices and salt

3.8 oz

Product of Spain

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