Doria Atene Shortbread Biscuits, 17.6 oz

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These Italian Shortbread Cookies are rich and buttery

Pair these Italian cookies with milk, coffee, tea, or even hot cocoa.

These cookies make an indulgent topping for an ice cream sundae or yogurt parfait.

Doria makes authentic Italian cookies that are perfect for enjoying with a glass of milk. Serve these delicious treats from Italy with a hot cup of coffee or tea. Or try them as a sweet snack to reward yourself after a long day.

Doria Atene Shortbread Biscuits are crisp and buttery cookies. These lightly golden Italian shortbread biscuits are delicious with fresh fruit, dark chocolate truffles, and caramel candies on a festive dessert platter.

You can also crumble these biscuits over an ice cream sundae or yogurt parfait. Dunk them in a pot of melted chocolate fondue. Or simply savor these Italian shortbread cookies with a sweet dessert wine such as a ruby port.


wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oils and fats (sunflower, coconut), inverted sugar syrup, wheat starch, sodium hydrogen carbonate and ammonium hydrogen carbonate (raising agent), salt, powdered skim milk, sunflower lecithin (emulsifier), natural flavors


17.6 oz (500g)


Product of Italy

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