Doria Whole Wheat Cookies Della Nonna, 12.3 oz


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These Italian Cookies are made with whole wheat

These pretzel-shaped cookies are great for snacking and sharing.

Try these whole wheat Italian cookies with milk, coffee, or tea.

Doria Whole Wheat Cookies Della Nonna are wholemeal shortbread Italian biscuits. These whole wheat cookies are made with simple, natural ingredients that make them sweet and rich in fiber, such as raw cane sugar, honey, and wholemeal flour.

Enjoy these pretzel-shaped Italian cookies as a snack on their own or with tea or coffee. Make them a topping for your next ice cream sundae or yogurt parfait. Try them on a dessert platter with a selection of fresh fruit and chocolate truffles. Dunk these cookies in melted chocolate fondue. Or savor them with a glass of sweet dessert wine such as a ruby port.


Aromas, Skimmed milk powder, Honey (1.6%), Raising agents: sodium carbonate, Milk's proteins, Raw cane sugar (18.5%), Wheat starch, wheat flour, salt, Sunflower oil, Fresh eggs, Whole wheat flour (35%). May contain nuts and soybeans. No GMOs, dyes, or hydrogenated fats.


12.3 oz (350 grams)


Product of Italy


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