Dos Anclas Gourmet Cooking Salt, 17.6 oz

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This Gourmet Salt is great for cooking and baking

A high-quality cooking salt is a pantry staple that any home cook should have.

Use these salt crystals in dry-rubs, marinades, dressings, and much more.

Dos Anclas Gourmet Cooking Salt is a versatile type of salt that you can use to season any sweet or savory recipe. Use a small amount of this salt to bring out the flavor in your favorite recipes.

Mix this kind of salt with spices and herbs as part of dry rubs and marinades. Add it to chicken, pork, and other proteins a few hours before you cook for extra tender "dry-brined" recipes. Or use it as a finishing salt for roasted vegetables, pan-fried mushrooms, and other savory dishes.


Salt (sodium chloride), Potassium Iodate


500g - 17.6 oz


Product of Argentina

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