Duke's Tartar Sauce, 8 oz

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Duke's Tartar Sauce is delicious with seafood recipes

Use this tartar sauce as a dip for french fries, fish sticks, and other fried foods.

Spread this sauce on a salmon burger for a tangy flavor combination.

Duke's Tartar Sauce is a zesty condiment that's perfect for seafood dishes. It's made with finely chopped dill pickles, olives, capers, and other aromatic ingredients.

Use this tartar sauce as a dipping sauce for fish and chips. Enjoy it with fish sticks for a quick snack. Serve it with crab cakes. Or spread this sauce on a salmon burger with fresh greens and crisp red onions.


Soybean Oil, Dill Pickles, Pickles, Distilled Vinegar, Salt, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Benzoate, Alum, Natural Spice Flavors, Distilled And Cider Vinegar, Eggs, Sugar, Water, Salt, Olives, Capers, Parsley, Natural Flavors, Spice, Xanthan Gum, Lactic Acid, Oleoresin Paprika, Lemon Juice, Calcium Disodium EDTA added to preserve freshness


8 oz


Product of USA

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