Favols Apple Raspberry Crumble Jam, 9.2 oz

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This Apple Raspberry Jam is sweet and tangy

This French jam is made with a fruit crumble aroma.

Enjoy this apple raspberry crumble jam on toast, pastries, and dessert dishes.

This French patisserie quality jam by Favols is made from apples and raspberries. Enjoy it as the French would by spreading it over toast, croissants, or crepes. Or pair this jam with a selection of soft cheeses and dessert wine.

This jam is also enjoyable as a filling for pastries and cakes. Try it as a topping for a cup of Greek yogurt. Add this raspberry and apple jam to a bowl of vanilla ice cream. Or simply enjoy a spoonful of this fruit spread right out of the jar. 

Looking for a present for someone with a sweet tooth? This fruit crumble jam makes a wonderful addition to a gift basket for any special occasion.


Apples (4.%), raspberries (20%), cane sugar, lemon juice concentrate, gelling agent: fruit pectin, Crumble aroma (including milk).


9.2 oz


Product of France


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