Favols Fig & Balsamic Vinegar Confit, 4.2 oz

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This Fig and Balsamic Vinegar Confit is sweet and tangy

Pair this gourmet French condiment with goat cheese and seasonal vegetables.

Serve this confit on your next charcuterie board or cheese platter.

Favols Fig & Balsamic Vinegar Confit is an aromatic French condiment. Savor this delightful Fig & Balsamic Confit with foie gras, game meat, terrines, or gourmet cheese. Enjoy this confit as part of a crostini appetizer. Or even make it part of a charcuterie platter with a selection of dry-cured meats.


Fig (77%), cane sugar, balsamic vinegar, salt, curry, gelling agent: fruit pectin, black pepper.


4.2 oz


Product of France


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