Favorit Strawberry Fruit Spread, 12.3 oz

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Try this Strawberry Spread on toast, pancakes, and more

These strawberry preserves are prepared with simple, natural ingredients.

Enjoy this real fruit spread as part of dessert dishes like ice cream and cheesecake.

Favorit Strawberry Fruit Spread is a high-quality preserve that projects the flavor of strawberries. It doesn't have any artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors.

Favorit's Strawberry Fruit Spread is great for spreading on a piece of bread or adding to baked goods, fruit-flavored yogurt, and creamy desserts. Add strawberry flavor to a bowl of ice cream, a yogurt parfait, or even a fruit smoothie. Or spread this sweet and fresh strawberry jam on a classic peanut butter sandwich.

You can also enjoy these strawberry fruit preserves as part of a cheese platter with crackers and fresh fruit. Add this fruit spread to a gift basket for anyone who enjoys putting together charcuterie platters.


Strawberries, sugar, fruit pectin, citric acid. Fruit content: 52%


12.3 oz (350g)


Product of Switzerland 

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