Fee Brothers Celery Bitters, 5 oz

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These Celery Bitters add depth to mixed drinks

These cocktail bitters are perfect for Bloody Marys and mixing with gin or tequila.

Fee Brothers Bitters are ideal for classic cocktails as well as homemade desserts.

Established in 1864, Fee Brothers are a family-owned business dedicated to taking your cocktail recipes to the next level. They sell nearly 100 drink mixes to restaurants, bars, and food distributors worldwide.

Fee Brothers Celery Bitters give off the taste of herbs and a hint of citrus. Celery bitters are ideal for Bloody Marys, as well as gin cocktails, martinis, or tequila-based drinks. Fee Brothers Celery Bitters offer just the right amount of vegetable flavor without being overpowering.

water, glycerin, natural celery flavor, other natural spice extracts and flavors

5 oz


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