Fermin Paleta Serrano Boneless, 5 Lbs

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This Serrano Pork is boneless and salt-cured

Also called "jamón serrano," this dry-cured Spanish meat has a subtly sweet flavor.

Savor on a charcuterie board with a glass of wine and manchego cheese.

This pork shoulder comes from Fermin pigs that were born, raised, and processed in Spain. These black Iberico pigs feast on acorns, giving them a richer flavor than white pigs from Spain. After being dry-cured by hand for 10 months, the ham turns into a tender shoulder that melts in your mouth. Top with olive oil and garlic in a savory grilled panini. Or simply enjoy with fresh fruit and a bottle of your favorite wine.

5 - 6 Lbs (Average)

Product of Spain

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