Ferrara Mini Pistachio Torrone Box, 7.6 oz

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These Pistachio Torrone are authentic Italian sweets

Enjoy these mini pistachio torrone on their own, or as part of a dessert dish.

These traditional torrone nougat candies are perfect for sharing.

This box of mini Italian torrone by Ferrara contains 18 pieces of almond honey nougat studded with pistachios. They have a soft texture that makes them perfect for snacking. Because they're individually wrapped, these traditional Italian treats are fantastic for large family gatherings or giving as a gift. 

Keep a bag of torrone in your car for a sweet snack. Bring a few pieces on a picnic or hike to share. Give them to your guests to celebrate holidays and other special occasions. Or simply savor one as an after-meal treat.

Enjoy these torrone as part of an ice cream sundae or yogurt parfait. Pair these traditional pistachio torrone with a cup of freshly brewed coffee or tea. Or even add these Italian sweets to a dessert platter with fresh fruit and chocolate truffles.


18 Individually wrapped soft nougat - 7.62 oz (216g)


Product of Italy

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