Ferrarelle Sparkling Natural Mineral Water, 750 mL | 25.4 oz

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This Italian Mineral Water is 100% natural

This Italian bottled water is refreshing and light.

Pair this Italian sparkling water with meat, seafood, or vegetarian recipes.

Ferrarelle Water is a premium mineral water brand that has been sourced and bottled in Italy for over 120 years. The water comes from a natural spring located in the beautiful Sannio region of Italy, which is renowned for its natural beauty and pristine environment.

Ferrarelle Sparkling Natural Mineral Water is natural spring water bottled in Italy. This water is a lighter, healthier alternative to soda and alcoholic beverages. Enjoy it with grilled meats, seafood, or vegetarian recipes.

Take a bottle of this Italian water on picnics, hikes, and other other outdoor activities. Or simply pour a glass of this refreshing, natural mineral water over ice to cool off in warm weather. For some extra flavor, toss in a lemon, orange, or lime wedge. Or try adding a few dashes of your favorite bitters for a beverage with a delightfully complex taste but almost no alcohol.


100% Natural, Mineral Water, Spring Water, Zero Calorie


750 mL (25.4 oz)


Product of Italy

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