Finca La Barca Smoked Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 8.45 oz

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Finca Olive Oil has a wood-smoked flavor

This smoked olive oil pairs well with a variety of savory recipes.

Try drizzling this smoky EVOO over meat dishes, stews, and even potato salads.

Made uniquely from the Arbequina olive variety, Khayyan's Finca La Barca Smoked Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a premium, limited edition product from Spain. The olives are wood-smoked over 15 days, enhancing the resulting olive oil with a smoky flavor that is still present yet mild.

Use this olive oil over meat, fish, and carpaccio dishes. It will make a delicious addition to hummus, as well as salad dressings and soups. Each bottle of this precious oil is sealed and numbered, so be sure to give to the foodie in your life! 


Olive oil (100 percent Arbequina) 


8.45 oz (250 ml)


Extremadura, Spain

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