Flahavan's Irish Rolled Oats Quick Oatmeal, 16 oz

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These Irish Rolled Oats are ready in three minutes

Flahavan's Irish oats are produced using oats sourced from family farms.

Enjoy this oatmeal with fresh berries, sliced apples, bananas, or even cinnamon.

Flahavan's Irish Rolled Oats Quick Oatmeal has been in production for more than six generations! Ireland’s favorite oatmeal tastes so good because the oats are grown and harvested locally in small batches. This allows them to capture the rich, authentic flavor of the oats with the ideal texture. Flahavan's Irish Rolled Oats Quick Oatmeal is a creamy oatmeal breakfast that is easy to make at home.

Try this Irish oatmeal with fresh fruit for a healthy breakfast. If you want more texture, make an oatmeal recipe with dried fruit and nuts. Or add these heart healthy oats to a cup of Greek yogurt for a nutritious snack. You can even use these oats in a classic oatmeal cookie recipe.


100% Natural Whole Grain Irish Oats


16 oz


Product of Ireland

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