Frantoi Cutrera Segreti di Sicilia Basil Pesto Sicilian Style, 6.7 oz

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This Sicilian Basil Pesto is a piquant sauce

This traditional pesto is made with fresh basil leaves, almonds, and pistachios.

Pair this pesto sauce with pasta noodles, with freshly grated parmesan cheese.

Frantoi Cutrera Basil Pesto is a Sicilian-style pesto sauce made with fresh basil, Sicilian almonds and Sicilian pistachios. This pesto combines the fresh flavor of basil with the savory nature of Cosacavaddu (Caciocavallo) cheese. The texture also presents a beautiful contrast of creaminess and crunchiness, making it excellent on crostini crackers as a snack or for use as a pasta sauce.

Frantoi Cutrera recommends trofie pasta, penne pasta, or caserecce pasta with this Sicilian pesto. For a robust Mediterranean recipe, add cherry tomatoes, grilled chicken breast, and grated pecorino cheese.

You can also use this tangy pesto sauce as part of baked chicken or white fish recipes. Spread it on a crostini appetizer with fresh herbs and sun-dried tomatoes. Try it as part of a charcuterie platter. Or even use this pesto as a condiment on a grilled panini with dry-cured meats.


Basil, Frantoi Cutrera extra virgin olive oil, "Cosacavaddu" cheese, cane sugar, salt, almond, pistachio. Acidifier: Lactic acid.


190 grams (6.7 ounces)


Product of Italy

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