Gerardo di Nola Scialatielli Pepperoncino Pasta, 16 oz

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This Scialatielli Pasta is infused with pepperoncino

Gerardo di Nola's Italian pastas are made in Gragnano with 100% durum wheat.

Enjoy this scialatielli in a wide variety of Italian pasta recipes.

Gerardo di Nola has over 150 years of experience making high-quality, authentic Italian pastas. Their durum wheat pastas are made in Gragnano, a town in Southern Italy famous for its climate which provides the ideal conditions for preparing dry pastas.

Gerardo di Nola's Scialatielle Pepperoncino pasta has been infused with red pepper. This pasta is made with red pepper purées that are both hot and sweet. It has a subtle, lingering spice and cooks to a pale orange color with an al dente texture. These noodles can be enjoyed in a variety of classic Italian pasta dishes.

Serve this type of pasta with tomato sauce, cured meat, and red peppers for a classic Italian dish. Or try cooked scialatielle in a simple pesto dish with cherry tomatoes. You can even make a cacio e pepe-inspired dish with the addition of two simple ingredients: pecorino cheese and black pepper.

Looking for a present for someone who loves Mediterranean cooking? Add an assortment of Gerardo di Nola products to a gift basket along with gourmet pasta sauces and extra virgin olive oil.


100% Italian durum wheat, pepperoncino


16 oz (1Lb)


Product of Italy

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