Ghiott Cantuccini with Pistachios & Almonds, 7.05 oz


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These Cantuccini Cookies are made with pistachio and almonds

These pistachio and almond cantuccini have a rich taste and texture.

Pair these authentic Tuscan cantuccini with coffee, tea, or even dessert wine.

Ghiott Cantuccini with Pistachios & Almonds are a type of Tuscan biscotti. With a firm yet porous texture, these almond and pistachio biscotti are perfect for dunking in a cup of coffee or tea. Add these imported Italian cookies to a gift basket for holidays, birthdays, and any other special occasion.

Enjoy these Tuscan almond and pistachio cantuccini on their own, or crumble them over ice cream or gelato for a dessert dish with a balance of creamy and crunchy textures. These pistachio and almond biscotti make a delicious dry ingredient layer in a yogurt parfait. For a luxurious holiday platter, serve these Italian almond biscuits with dried fruit and dark chocolate. Best paired with a bottle of dessert wine.

Wheat flour, sugar, pistachios, almonds, egg yolk, butter, eggs, raising agents, whole milk, honey, flavor, salt.
May contain traces if other nuts, soy and other cereals containing gluten.

7.05 oz

Product of Italy

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