Halen Mon Oak Smoked Water - 100 ml

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This Oak Smoked Water adds depth to recipes

Add real, 100% natural smoke flavor to soups, stews, and more.

This smoked water is simply water infused with smoke from oak chips.

Welsh oak chips, used to make Halen Môn Smoked Sea Salt, are used here to create Halen Môn Oak Smoked Water! The ingredients are exactly as listed—just water and smoke. The smoking takes place in Halen Môn’s smokers on site in Wales over a period of four days.

This water is naturally smoked without additives, making it a better choice than traditional liquid smoke. Smoked water adds savory depths to soups, stocks, mashed potatoes, and risottos. Make oak smoked ice cubes to give a nice edge to whisky and cocktails.


Water infused with smoke


100 mL


Product of Wales


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