Henaff French Pork Liver Confit with Black Pepper, 3.2 oz

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This Pork Liver Confit is an authentic French treat

This savory pork liver with cognac and spices has a mild, peppery kick.

Spread this confit on a toasted baguette slice with fresh herbs.

Henaff's premium French Pork Liver Confit is all-natural and seasoned with cognac, black peppercorn, salt, and spices. For almost a century, the same recipe has been used in France, with no chemical preservatives or colors. Enjoy the meaty and juicy texture of this traditional French pork confit on a baguette slice.


Pork, pork livers, cognac, salt, black pepper 0.7%, spices


3.2 oz (90g)


Product of France 

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