Henaff French Style Pork Liver Confit, 3.2 oz

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This Pork Liver Confit is an authentic French treat

This savory pork liver with cognac and spices has a rich flavor and texture.

Spread this confit on a toasted baguette slice with fresh herbs.

This French Pork Liver Confit provides original flavors and outstanding texture. Henaff uses the best morsels of pork liver from locally raised pigs to manufacture their Pork Liver Confit—paired with cognac, salt, and spices.

Henaff delivers this original French meat in a lovely glass jar that has been properly sealed to preserve and catch all of the meaty characteristics of this pork spread. Enjoy the meaty and juicy texture of this traditional French pork confit on a baguette slice.


Pork, Pork livers, Cognac, Salt, Spices.


3.2 oz (90g)


Product of France

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