Honees Eucalyptus Mint Cough Drops - 1.5 oz

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This Honey-filled Mint Cough Drops are sweet and soothing

Honees' honey-filled drops help relieve coughs, cool nasal passages, and soothe sore throats with a blend of natural ingredients.

Made by Italian candymakers, these cough drops are as delicious as they are refreshing.

In the foothills of the Italian Alps, Ambrosoli Confectioners continue a family tradition of making the finest Italian candy. Honees, as they are known in the USA, are hard candies filled with a liquid honey center. The Eucalyptus Mint Cough Drops combine the classic honey with refreshing flavors that will soothe the throat and leave a delicious aftertaste. Soothe sore throats by pairing this honey-filled eucalyptus cough drop with a cup of herbal tea.


Sugar, corn syrup, honey, menthol eucalyptus oil, licorice, vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin B12

1.50 oz (42 grams)

Product of Italy

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