illy Dark Roast Intenso Whole Bean Coffee, 8.8 oz

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This Dark Roast Coffee contains 100% whole Arabica beans

This illy coffee has a pleasant aroma and flavor notes that are chocolaty and earthy.

Prepare this authentic Italian coffee using an espresso machine, coffee maker, or your brewing method of choice.

illy Dark Roast Intenso Whole Bean Coffee contains 100% Arabica beans. This full-bodied Italian coffee tastes rich with subtle nutty and earthy notes. Prepare these dark roast beans with your coffee maker of choice or any other brewing method. Add this high-quality coffee to a gift basket for any special occasion.

Savoring this darker roast coffee is a wonderful way to start your morning. You can enjoy freshly ground coffee in espresso form. Or add steamed milk to make it into a latte or cappuccino. A cup of coffee made from these whole beans pairs well with breakfast pastries like scones and croissants. You can also enjoy it with biscotti for a classic Italian treat.


100% Arabica coffee beans


8.8 oz


Product of Italy

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