Inca's Food Dried Corn Cancha for Toasting, 15 oz

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This Dried Corn Cancha is a delicious snack

Toast this dried corn, and enjoy this popular snack from South America.

This type of corn is called cancha tostada, mote, tostado, maiz capia, and other names depending on the region.

Dried corn cancha, also known as Maiz Cancha can be eaten as a snack or as a side dish for ceviches. Inca's Food Dried Corn Cancha is a delicious pre-meal snack.

Simply toast these corn kernels with salt and vegetable oil for a savory dish that's ready in about 20 minutes. Toss it in with your ceviche and you've got yourself a winner. Or enjoy it in any easy and quick to prepare salad recipe for a nutritious lunch.

Cancha tostada, cancha serrana, maz chulpe, or chulpi is also known as mote in Peru, Tostado in Ecuador and maiz capia Ecuador in Colombia. Add this authentic Peruvian snack to a gift basket for anyone who enjoys unique foods from across the globe.


Dried corn cancha


15 oz


Product of Peru

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