Inca's Food Huacatay Black Mint Paste, 7.5 oz

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This Black Mint Paste is a traditional Peruvian condiment

Pair this mint sauce with chicken, lamb, pork, or beef recipes.

This refreshing condiment is flavored with the simple combination of fresh mint leaves and salt.

One of Peru's most popular condiments is huacatay which is a black mint paste. Many authentic Peruvian salsas and marinades contain it.

Huacatay Paste is a key component of Ocopa, a classic Peruvian meal that pairs well with roasted chicken. You can also try Inca's Food Huacatay Black Mint Paste as a condiment for grilled or roasted lamb, pork, and beef dishes. Or add it to a salad dressing with Greek yogurt or extra virgin olive oil and white wine vinegar.


Black mint, salt, citric acid and sodium benzoate as preservative


7.5 oz


Product of Peru

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