Inoxbonomi Italian Table Stainless Steel Knife 11 cm Blue, Set of 6

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This Inoxbonomi Knife Set is made in Italy

Cut, dice, and peel veggies, fruit, and more with this Italian table knife set.

Made with stainless steel, these knives have smooth blue handles which look great in modern kitchens and dining rooms.

Inoxbonomi has been making Italian cutlery since 1972. Three generations of the Bonomi family have guaranteed that Inoxbonomi knives are made with durable materials that are built to last.

The Inoxbonomi Italian Table Stainless Steel Knives are equally suited for home cooks and culinary experts. These high-quality knives can handle all of your basic cutting needs. Sharp and effective, use them to slice, cut, peel, and dice with ease.

These versatile knives work great as table knives, steak knives, and kitchen knives. They work well for preparing fresh fruit and vegetables. And they cut through cooked chicken, pork, and other meats with minimal effort. You can even use them to cut slices of pizza!

These Italian knives have a matte finish and blue handle with excellent grip, making them a stylish addition to any dinner table or modern kitchen counter. Add these Italian knives to a gift basket for anyone who needs a new set of quality table knives. Pair them with a selection of other cookware products.


6 Piece Stainless Steel Table Knives 11 cm (4.3") curved serrated blade.


Product of Italy


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