Jimmy Tartufi Gourmet Line Black Truffle Drop Vinegar, 3.3 oz

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This delicious condiment by Jimmy Tartufi is a blend of balsamic vinegar with truffle flavors. Take your salad dishes to the next level by adding Jimmy Tartufi's Gourmet Line Black Truffle Drop Vinegar instead of your ordinary salad dressing. It also pairs beautifully for seasoning starters also adding to fresh or dried fruit, risotto, cheese tastings, main courses or sushi, grilled vegetables, dessert and ice cream. 

Tartufi Balsamic Vinegar Modena Black Truffle 250ml, Modena balsamic vinegar is made from 55% (wine vinegar, cooked grape must), concentrated grape juice and cornstarch 0.2%, flavoring)

3.3  oz (100g)

Product of Italy

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