Kimbo Buongiorno Breakfast Blend K-Cup, 10 Capsules

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These Kimbo Coffee Capsules contain a smooth medium roast

These Italian coffee pods are compatible with most Keurig coffee machines.

Savor this authentic Italian coffee with biscotti, a breakfast pastry, or a grilled panini.

Kimbo Buongiorno Breakfast Blend K-Cup contains a medium-roast coffee made with 100% Arabica beans. This balanced, full-bodied, and sweet Italian coffee can be brewed with most Keurig K-cup coffee machines. Enjoy a high-quality cup of coffee from the comfort of your home. Or use these K-cups to stock an office or waiting room.

With an intensity rating of 7 out of 13, this coffee has a smooth and aromatic quality that makes it delicious with biscotti, breakfast pastries, and even fresh-baked biscuits. You can enjoy this coffee black, or add your sweetener of choice.


100% Arabica Coffee


10 Capsules (10g each)


Product of Italy

Compatible with most Keurig K CUP brewing systems including 2.0

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