Ritrovo Selections L’Ultimo Forno Paccheri Pasta, 1.1 lb. (500g)

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This Italian Paccheri is made with high-quality durum wheat

This type of pasta has a hollow tube shape that's great for stuffing or hearty sauces.

Try al dente paccherie in a pasta recipe with a robust tomato sauce, ground meat, and grated parmesan.

Ritrovo Selections L’Ultimo Forno Paccheri Pasta is a tube-shaped, hollow pasta that's part of a limited production of L'Ultimo Forno pasta made from Senatore Cappeli grain. Made with high-quality Lucanian durum wheat flour, it is similar to rigatoni but shorter and larger in diameter.

Ritrovo suggests serving this Italian pasta with richer, heavier sauces or seafood. It's also delicious when served as a stuffed pasta course with ricotta cheese and Italian sausage. Or cook paccheri with ground meat or savory vegetable sauces for a hearty pasta dish that's simple to prepare.

You may also bake paccheri in a creamy Alfredo pasta sauce with grilled chicken.   Or enjoy this large tube pasta with a pesto sauce made using fresh basil. Drizzle on a piquant extra virgin olive oil just before serving either dish.


Durum wheat flour


1.1 lb. (500g)


Product of Italy


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