La Baleine Sea Salt Fine, 26.5 oz (750g)

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This Sea Salt is an all-natural Mediterranean sea salt harvested in France

You can use this crystals sea salt over any dish

Choose your perfect La Baleine salt, you will find it as course salt and pink Himalaya

La Baleine Sea Salt Fine is a culinary essential that brings the pure essence of the sea to your table. This 26.5 oz (750g) canister of fine sea salt is a trusted companion for discerning chefs and home cooks alike, renowned for its exceptional quality and taste.

Harvested from the pristine waters of the Mediterranean, La Baleine Sea Salt Fine is carefully crafted through a meticulous process that retains the natural minerals and flavors of the sea. Its fine texture allows for effortless blending and even distribution, ensuring that every dish is seasoned to perfection.

With its pure and briny flavor, La Baleine Sea Salt Fine enhances the taste of a wide range of dishes, from grilled meats and roasted vegetables to delicate soups and vibrant salads. Sprinkle it over your culinary creations and let it awaken the flavors, adding a touch of depth and complexity that elevates your cooking to new heights.

Presented in a convenient 26.5 oz (750g) canister, La Baleine Sea Salt Fine provides an ample supply for your cooking adventures. Its resealable packaging ensures that the salt remains fresh and readily available whenever inspiration strikes.

Experience the natural goodness of La Baleine Sea Salt Fine. From professional kitchens to home cooking enthusiasts, this renowned sea salt has been trusted for generations, allowing you to infuse your dishes with the authentic taste of the Mediterranean. Embrace the culinary excellence that comes from using La Baleine Sea Salt Fine and discover a world of flavor possibilities in every pinch.

Sea salt

26.5 oz (750g)

Product of France

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