La Dalia Pimenton De La Vera DOP Hot Smoked Paprika, 2.5 oz

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Intense smoky paprika used in your favorite Spanish dishes

This paprika is elaborate from peppers grown in the La Vera region of Spain

Pimentón de la vera paprika is also found in Sweet smoked paprika and Bittersweet smoked paprika

Experience the irresistible smoky heat of La Dalia Pimenton De La Vera DOP Hot Smoked Paprika. This 2.5-ounce tin contains a culinary treasure, carefully crafted using traditional methods in the La Vera region of Spain. Made from carefully selected hot peppers, this premium smoked paprika delivers a robust and fiery flavor that will elevate your dishes.

La Dalia Pimenton De La Vera DOP is a true testament to the art of Spanish paprika production. The peppers are carefully smoked over oak wood fires, imparting a distinct smoky aroma and deep flavor profile. The result is a hot paprika that adds a delightful kick to your favorite recipes. Whether you're spicing up stews, marinades, or even grilled meats, this paprika will infuse your dishes with a bold and compelling heat that will leave a lasting impression on your taste buds.

The 2.5-ounce tin ensures that you have a generous supply of this culinary gem to enhance your kitchen creations. The iconic packaging protects the delicate flavors and vibrant color of the paprika and adds a touch of elegance to your spice collection. La Dalia Pimenton De La Vera DOP Hot Smoked Paprika is a must-have for spice enthusiasts and lovers of bold flavors. Embark on a culinary journey through the vibrant tastes of Spain with this exceptional smoked paprika, and elevate your dishes with its irresistible heat and smoky depth.

Ground Pepper Blend

2.5 oz (70 grams)


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