La Fe Colombian Pandebono Bread Mix, 14.1 oz

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This Colombian Bread Mix helps you make authentic pandebono

Fill your pandebono bread with your favorite type of fresh cheese.

Enjoy this Colombian bread on its own as a snack, or serve it as a delectable side dish.

La Fe Colombian Pandebono Bread Mix helps you make traditional Colombian bread rolls stuffed with melty cheese. This mix contains just a few simple, natural ingredients: corn flour, sugar, salt, and yucca starch (similar to tapioca flour).

This recipe contains easy-to-follow instructions for both baking the pandebono and preparing the cheese filling. All you need other than this baking mix to prepare pandebono is one cup of milk and three cups of finely grated fresh cheese—such as queso fresco and feta cheese.

This pandebono Colombian cheese bread is delicious as a side dish for any special occasion. It pairs wonderfully with slow-cooked meat dishes, hearty stews, and numerous other savory recipes. You may also enjoy this cheesy pandebono bread with a cup of freshly brewed espresso, a glass of your favorite wine, or a sweet sparkling cider. Or even enjoy this bread as part of a charcuterie platter with a selection of cured meats, fresh fruit, and gourmet cheeses.


Corn Flour, Yucca Starch, Sugar, Salt


14.1 oz


Product of Colombia

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