La Florentine Torrone, 7.62 oz

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Torrone is a sweet Italian nougat treat traditionally eaten around Christmastime (though we wouldn’t blame anyone for eating it well beyond December!). This assorted box of La Florentine Torrone mixes creamy nougat made of whipped honey, sugar, and egg whites with crunchy almonds. The classic nougat is then flavored with a selection of vanilla bean, orange, and lemon. Use torrone as a stocking stuffer or a sweet reward any day of the year.

toasted almonds, sugar, sugar syrup, glucose syrup, honey, egg white, wafer (potato starch, olive oil), natural lemon flavor, natural orange flavor, natural vanilla flavor, natural vanilla bean extract and natural flavor. May contain traces of other nuts and peanuts. Always refer to the ingredients on the packaging.

7.62 oz. - 18 pieces inside the box

Product of Italy

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