Lars Own Scandinavian Style Porridge Rice, 12 oz

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This Scandinavian Rice is ideal for porridge and puddings

Make a traditional Swedish porridge with whole milk, cinnamon, and butter.

Use this rice to make a rich pudding for Christmas Eve and other special occasions.

Lars Own Scandinavian Style Porridge Rice is the perfect type of rice for making porridge, rice pudding, and other comfort food dishes. This white rice has a soft, rich texture that's delicious in both sweet and savory recipes.

Prepare a Swedish rice porridge by cooking this rice with whole milk and cinnamon sticks. Then, serve it with butter and ground cinnamon for a traditional Scandinavian meal.

You can also make a Scandinavian rice pudding by baking rice porridge in the oven after mixing with eggs and more whole milk. It's delicious with raisins or dried cranberries. Rice pudding is a wonderful dish to serve on Christmas Eve.

This white rice pairs well with slow-cooked meats and vegetables. Mix it with beef and potatoes in a savory sauce for a hearty dinner. Pair it with grilled chicken, lemon-garlic asparagus, and melted butter. Or fry this rice with soy sauce, green onions, eggs, and a dash of sesame oil for a simple yet delicious weeknight meal.


Milled rice


12 oz


Product of Sweden

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