Lautus Savvy Non Alcoholic Red Wine, 25 oz

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This Lautus Savvy Wine is de-alcoholised

Enjoy this full-bodied red wine as an alternative to alcoholic wines.

This alcohol-free wine makes a great option to serve for gatherings and special occasions.

A superb alternative to alcoholic beverages, Lautus Savvy non-alcoholic red wine offers no unwanted side effects, so do not worry about a hangover. Enjoy yourself to the fullest with zero percent alcohol by volume! Taking out the alcohol reduces the caloric content without sacrificing its polyphenol antioxidant benefits, which makes it a better choice.

This non-alcoholic drink has a dry finish and has a red fruit, blackberry taste with a hint of oak. Have a wine tasting where you compare it to the real deal, and you won't be disappointed! Offer this wine as an alternative to its alcoholic counterparts during celebrations and other events. Savor its robust flavor with your favorite charcuterie meats and cheeses. Or enjoy it alongside an indulgent dessert for a delightful evening bite.

De-alcoholised red wine, grape sugars, sulfites, glycerol.

25 oz (750mL)

Product of the USA

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