Le Superbe Gruyere King Cuts, 5 lb.

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This Gruyere Cheese is an authentic, artisan Swiss cheese

This type of cheese made from cow's milk makes a wonderful melting cheese for fondues.

Enjoy sliced on charcuterie boards and cheese platters, or melt in a delectable grilled cheese sandwich.

A cheese that originated in the town of Gruyères in Switzerland, Gruyere King Cuts by Le Superbe is a farm fresh cheese that comes from naturally fed Alpine cows. This artisan, handcrafted cheese has been made by the same group of cheese makers for generations. This Gruyere (or "Gruyère") cheese has a rich, fruity flavor. With a protected designation of origin, this Alpine cheese is guaranteed to be the genuine product.

Savor this gourmet Gruyere on a cheese board. Use it to prepare a French croque monsieur. Or toss it in a mac and cheese recipe, for an indulgent take on the classic comfort food. You can even melt this flavorful cheese in a bowl of French onion soup.

5 lb.


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