Les Trois Petit Cochon Cornichons, 12.4 oz

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These Cornichons are pickled with vinegar and spices

Pair these cornichons with sandwiches, or enjoy them as a quick snack on their own.

Try these baby sour gherkins on a charcuterie plate or appetizer platter.

Les Trois Petits Cochon Cornichons are baby gherkins with a crispy and soft texture. These traditional Indian gherkins are pickled in vinegar, herbs, and spices, including mustard seed, coriander seeds, and black pepper.

These gherkin pickles come in a 12.4-ounce resealable jar with a plastic basket, an innovative design which allows you to easily take out a pickle to enjoy without having to dig around in the brine to do so.


Cornichons, water, vinegar, onions, salt, onions, mustard seeds, black pepper, coriander seeds, natural flavor.


12.4 oz (350g)


Product of India


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