Libertine All Natural Artemisia Beverage, 12 oz

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BeveragesThis Libertine Beverage is flavored with artemisia

Also called wormwood, artemisia is an herb that is commonly used to flavor absinthe.

This carbonated beverage has a pleasant blend of sweet, herbal, and floral flavor notes.

This all-natural Libertine drink is a carbonated beverage made principally from the artemisia herb. Also known as wormwood, artemisia is actually common in old Chinese herbal medicine. It has also historically been used to flavor absinthe, though the Libertine Artemisia beverage itself does not contain any alcohol. Combined with other natural flavors and botanicals, Libertine All-Natural Artemisia is suitable to drink by itself or mixed with spirits.


filtered carbonated water, cane sugar, organic agave nectar, natural flavors, citric acid, artemisia, sea salt, potassium citrate, malic acid, fruit extracts (color), caffeine, passion flower extract, stevia reb A 99%, lava salt

12 oz

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