Lotte Milkis Refreshing Milk and Yogurt Flavored Drink, 8.45 oz [Pack of 6]

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This Yogurt-flavored Drink is refreshing and creamy

Milkis is a soft drink made with carbonated water, skim milk, and yogurt flavoring.

This Korean soft drink pairs wonderfully with any number of savory dishes.

Lotte Milkis Refreshing Milk and Yogurt Flavored Drink is a sweet and refreshing yogurt-flavored beverage. This carbonated yogurt drink has a bright and creamy taste that pairs wonderfully with both sweet and savory foods.

Enjoy this Milkis drink with a slice of cake or shortbread cookies. Drink this refreshing beverage alongside a spicy hot stir-fry noodle dish, BBQ chicken, or grilled salmon. Or bring this beverage on a scenic hike or picnic.

Milkis yogurt-flavored drink also makes a thoughtful addition to a gift basket for any special occasion. Pair it with a selection of sweets and snacks from South Korea for a delightful present that's sure to be enjoyed.


Filtered Water, Cane Sugar, Carbon Dioxide, Powdered Skim Milk, Citric Acid, Yogurt Flavor, Phosphoric acid, Soybean Polysaccharide


8.45 oz can [Pack of 6]


Product of Korea

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